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For over 2 decades ABBI Automation is providing engineering services with focus on elecrical hardware, PLC software and project management.


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ABBI Automation was established by Andreas Burczyk as Andreas Burczyk Ingenieurbüro in 1992. Since the beginning company was providing electrical and automation engineering services to add later project management to the portfolio. Over two decades company conducted business in more than 20 countries with a focus on North America and Europe


Example of control system Preparing technical solution is at the core of our business. We deliver complete solutions or support sourcing and documentation process.


Charts on a printed page We assist with various aspects of project management. Our technical experience is allowing us to highlight risks that would be normally recognized too late.


Worker standing in front of computer displaying block diagram Production equipment functions nowadays using PLC. We provide complete solutions as well as defects resolutions with focus on Rockwell controllers.

Our competences

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Electrical Design

Depending on business needs, we may deliver analysis proposing a variety of options or create an electrical design using ideas defined upfront. Most of our clients prefer to work with us as part of the Design Thinking process to achieve best results and eliminate not feasible options.


Equipment Test and Execution

Plenty of projects we worked on were falling into the trap of missing well-defined problem or success criteria. To help our customers to mitigate such risks, we started defining and executing tests with well-established rules and measures.


Documentation Creation and Maintenance

Good design cannot exist without proper documentation. We deliver various types of artefacts for our clients like User Manual, norms compliance analysis, installation instructions and Bills Of Materials. We support most of the electrical CAD programs with a focus on AutoCAD and Promis.e as well as popular PLM systems like TeamCenter or Enovia.


Vendor Acceptance Tests

Equipment handover may get very complicated and expensive or even delay production kick-off. Based on our experience, we may handle together this process and make sure that the relationship with the supplier will be long-lasting and fruitful.



Project Planning and Management

We provide assistance or complete ownership of the project or its deliverables. Our employees are experienced with popular project methodologies like LEAN or Scrum and may take over a project at any stage.


Construction Management and Optimalization

Construction Management was always at the heart of our services. We travel daily from factory to factory to help to deliver projects successfully and resolve all defects.


Manpower Estimating

Preparing for construction is a challenge when it is happening for the first time. We are able by looking at the parts list, installing instruction and environment to estimate how construction should take place and how much effort is required.


Equipment Sourcing and Supplier Assistance

We support searching for equipment suppliers or deliver Best Value Option Analysis highlighting what to order and from where. In the past, we used to work at the supplier place to deliver the project together in challenging timeframe.



Programing PLCs

We can deliver complete PLC solutions integrated with the hardware. We may upgrade legacy systems, resolve current issues or provide a new optimized architecture that will allow for faster and cheaper maintenance. Please contact us to check what experience we have with your family of controllers.


Developing Commissioning Tests

Based on our experience, many Commissioning Tests may be significantly shortened or are not inducing possible errors. Very often, safety validations are not meeting local legal regulations like Machine Safety Directive.


Production Kick-Off Support

New production facilities, lines and innovative technologies have in common that are not integrated well in the manufacturing environment. We offer to work with a production crew on a shift basis to identify and resolve all issues and shortcomings.


Providing Technical Training

Using experience from previous stages of the project, we can provide very insightful and efficient training in English, German and Polish language. We may conduct online, offline as well as on-demand interactive training.

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We are proud to be business partner with Procter & Gamble for consecutive 29 years Our P&G vendor number: 0015348185

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